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ITIL – IT service management

ITIL is the most widely recognized framework for IT and digitally enabled services in the world. It provides comprehensive, practical and proven guidance for establishing an effective service management system.

The ITIL® certification scheme provides a module based approach to the ITIL framework, and is comprised of a series of qualifications focused on different aspects of ITIL best practice.

ITIL 4 Certification Scheme

The certification scheme below is aligned with ITIL v3 and has been streamlined to provide clear paths for practitioners to continue their ITIL journey.  

ITIL Certifications help you develop your career in IT service management (ITSM), depending on your experience and expertise. While jobs will vary between employers, you should be able to get an idea for the types of activities people do on a daily basis and the skills you will need. Some job roles where ITIL Certifications can help you to have growth in career and salary increments are Service Desk Analyst, IT Technician, IT Engineer, IT Project Support, Service Desk Technician, Application Support Specialist, Hardware Support Specialist,

Software Support Specialist, Network Support Specialist, Security Analyst, Incident Manager, Problem Manager, Change Manager, Release Manager, Service Level Manager, Service Desk Manager, Service Portfolio Manager, Cyber Resilience Auditor, Cloud Service Manager, ISMS Lead Auditors, IT Project Manager, IT Configuration Manager, Cyber Resilience Consultant / Manager, IT Architect, IT Security Architect, Supplier Relationship Manager, Cyber Resilience Manager, IT Program Manager, Business Relationship Manager, Business Continuity Manager, IT Operations Manager, CIO, CTO and CISO.

4 Levels of ITIL certification scheme is explained below:

ITIL4 Foundation Level

ITIL 4 Foundation is the 1st course which enables candidates to look at ITSM (IT Service management) through an end-to-end operating model for the creation, delivery and continual improvement of tech-enabled products and services.

You can get started in your journey of ITIL Certification by doing 1 course:
ITIL 4 Foundation

ITIL4 Managing Professional (MP)

ITIL4 Managing Professional (MP) stream provides practical and technical knowledge about how to run successful IT enabled services, teams & workflows. It is aimed at IT practitioners working within technology and digital teams across the enterprise.
The 5 modules required to be passed to get this designation are:
ITIL 4 Foundation
ITIL 4 Specialist Create, Deliver and Support
ITIL 4 Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value
ITIL 4 Specialist High-velocity IT
ITIL 4 Strategist Direct, Plan and Improve.

ITIL 4 Strategic Leader

ITIL4 Strategic Leader certification course, recognizes the value of ITIL, not just for IT operations, but for all digitally-enabled services. Becoming an ITIL4 Strategic Leader demonstrates that the you have a clear understanding of how IT influences and directs business strategy.
The 3 modules required to be passed are:

ITIL 4 Foundation
ITIL 4 Strategist Direct, Plan and Improve
ITIL 4 Leader Digital and IT Strategy.

ITIL 4 Master Level

To achieve the ITIL 4 Master certification, you must be able to explain and justify how you have personally selected and applied a range of knowledge, principles, methods and techniques from ITIL and supporting management techniques, to achieve desired business outcomes in one or more practical assignments.

The 6 modules required to be passed are after ITIL Foundation to become ITIL 4 Master are:
ITIL 4 Foundation
ITIL 4 Specialist Create, Deliver and Support
ITIL 4 Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value
ITIL 4 Specialist High-velocity IT
ITIL 4 Strategist Direct, Plan and Improve.
ITIL 4 Leader Digital and IT Strategy.

Project Management

PRINCE2® is a globally-recognised, tailorable, methodology that teaches you the fundamental skills needed to be a successful project manager. PRINCE2® stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments, and is used and recognised all over the world.

Some job roles, for which PRINCE2 Certifications are highly recommended to get promotions in career path are: Project administrator, Project coordinator, Operations manager, Project analyst, Program manager, Project manager, IT Project Manager, Project director, IT Project Director, Product owner, Scrum master & Head of project management


The PRINCE2® project management certification scheme 2 levels, Foundation and Practitioner. 

PRINCE2 Foundation Training & Examination

The PRINCE2 Foundation Level is entry level project management certification that introduces you to world renowned PRINCE2 method. The Foundation certification aims to confirm that you know and understand the PRINCE2 method well enough to be able to work effectively with, or as a member of, a project management team working within an environment supporting PRINCE2. The Foundation certification is also a prerequisite for the Practitioner certification.

PRINCE2 Practitioner Training & Examination

PRINCE2 Practitioner certification is for anyone who is managing projects as part of their role. This could be as part of a formal project management function or a role in which project management is an inherent part of day to day work. The purpose of the Practitioner certification is to confirm whether you have sufficient understanding of how to apply and tailor the method in a range of different project environments and scenarios.


AgileSHIFT training and certification will help you enable transformational change in your organization.

The AgileSHIFT Training certification will equip you to recognize and understand why transformation in your organization is necessary and utilize agile and lean ways of working to be able to work in more agile ways immediately.

You can be part of a culture of organizational-wide agility and use the tailorable framework to champion change within your organization.

You can get AgileSHIFT Certified by doing 1 course

AgileSHIFT Training Certification

PeopleCert SCRUM Master I

PeopleCert Scrum Master I is aimed towards any professional who wishes to become an efficient member of a Scrum environment
PeopleCert Scrum Master I qualification is aimed towards any professional who wishes to become an efficient member of a Scrum environment. It requires candidates to develop and demonstrate a solid knowledge and understanding of Scrum terms, principles, tools and practices, as well as demonstrate their ability to use tools efficiently and effectively. A more advanced level of skills and knowledge is covered in the next 2 levels of the PeopleCert Scrum qualification scheme (PeopleCert Scrum Master II and PeopleCert Scrum Product Owner).
Example of typical job titles:
Software Engineer
Software Architect
Software Tester
Product Manager
Team Leader
Business Analyst

You can get your Scrum Master 1 certification by doing 1 course
Scrum Master 1 Training Certification

PeopleCert SCRUM Master 2

PeopleCert Scrum Master II is the second advanced level of the PeopleCert Scrum qualification scheme provided and is aimed at anyone who wishes to become an efficient leading member in Scrum work environment.

With PeopleCert Scrum Master 2, you will learn how to mastery of the Scrum framework centered around the integration of roles, events, and Scrum philosophy, including and supporting the product backlog and sprint backlog. The many soft skills necessary for the Scrum Master, such as servant leadership, facilitation, coaching and mentoring, problem solving, and removing impediments. In this certification you will also acquire key skills related to visual management for increasing transparency, inspection, and adaptation for success with your projects and learn the importance of self-organizing, team building, team dynamics and virtual teams. The most important skills for successful Scrum Masters that are applied through different Scrum events from initial planning to the final retrospective.

Scrum Master 2 Training Certification

PeopleCert DevOps

DevOps qualifications provide candidates with familiarization with DevOps processes, tools and culture implementation.
PeopleCert DevOps qualifications
PeopleCert designed a suite of DevOps qualifications that reflects the market needs to close the skills gap that many organisations are facing and support the realisation of their business objectives, by improving communication, standardisation, collaboration and automation for the delivery of quality software products better, faster and at a lower cost.
PeopleCert DevOps courses available are:

PeopleCert DevOps Fundamentals

The 1st entry level course offers candidates gain practical guidance on how to deliver effective DevOps through 15 essential practices.

PeopleCert DevOps Leadership

The second advanced level course offers candidates get guidance on how to lead the implementation of DevOps practices and how to achieve a cultural shift for better collaboration and communication.

1 World Training is a great resource to go to for ITIL training. I am experienced ITSM professional who wanted to update from v3 to v4 without spending a lot of money. I found the course materials both useful and informative. I highly recommend them for anyone considering the upgrade of credential.

Bruce Bellak

I have completed my PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner and ITIL 4 (CDS, DSV, HVIT, DPI, DITS) Certifications from 1 World Training and found their self-paced e-learning very interactive and easy to learn. Great Courseware & Trainer for the courses.

Very responsive Customer Service as well.

Sneha Gangaputhra